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Moving to Melbourne? Looking for a place to live whilst exploring one of the funkiest cities in Australia? If your budget is a little tight, don’t panic. You don’t have to be a big spender to experience all that Melbourne has to offer. Tramstop 14 is here to make your stay comfortable and worthwhile. 

As your most reliable nomads backpackers hostel, we take pride in providing you with the best room rates any digital nomad can get. 

Wide Selection of Room Types and Sizes

No matter what type or size of the room you need, Tramstop 14 has something to suit you. Many people think that hostels are a “young thing” and they don’t have interest in sleeping in a dormitory. What people don’t know is that we offer larger rooms for group travellers and smaller rooms for solo travellers or couples.

Private Room

Our private room is cool, calm, and collected. It comes in three different sizes and can fit up to 2 people, perfect for couples and solo freelancers. 


If you are a working nomad, you are free to organise your stuff in your personal space. If you come with your significant other, the bunk bed will give you a little more bliss. 

Shared Room 

We also have rooms that can accommodate up to 3 people. These rooms are designed to help you focus on a genuine sense of community. Some rooms have large windows with a view of Brunswick and Hanover Street corner.

Group Booking

You are probably not looking to pull a high-stakes heist, but if you are travelling with a big crew who like to stick close, then our spacious dormitory is for you. All of you! Our biggest space comes with a number of bunk beds that sleeps up to 10 people.

Taking in a beautiful view, our 3-person rooms are perfect to refresh and recharge as you connect with your fellow travellers.


Finest Working Space for Working Nomads

To gain back your mojo, you need to have an escape. Forget your workstation. It is such a snooze fest! Our common room is just what you need to get back to work. Get on with work in an area you are most comfortable or tap on the shoulder of a fellow traveller to flesh out and exchange new ideas. 

We also have a mini library to keep you inspired. It is a part of our common room, so you can conveniently take things down a notch. Grab a book and read or borrow it to take it to your room. Make sure that you come across some peculiar facts and local secrets in our books.

If you want to squeeze in a nap, we have the comfiest lazy chairs waiting for you to indulge in. You can also watch TV whilst on a break from work.

The Best Nomad Experience

  • Our nomads backpackers hostel is budget-friendly

For budget hostel rooms and dorms are the best. The bigger the room, the cheaper the rate. If you are travelling with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can book one of the dorms for your entire group. But if you are alone, you may share a room with some strangers and make new friends. 

  • We provide superb accommodation and great facilities

Numerous hostels offer more amenities than hotel backpacks in Melbourne. Tramstop 14 is living proof. Our affordable backpacker hostel comes with free Wi-Fi, an immense communal kitchen, a lounge with a large-screen TV, and a laundry station. We also provide our guests with individual lockers where they can keep their personal belongings.

  • We are the ideal hostel for easy access 

Situated on the remarkable Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, we offer a great place to stay for working travellers like you. From our hostel, you can enjoy watching and listening to live music festivals, explore bars, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and other local establishments within walking distance. 

Our hostel is close to the action. We make sure that we’re conveniently situated on the outskirts of town. So when you step out our doors, you are off to an adventure. 

  • We maintain a first-rate security system 

Nowadays, the question about the safety situation is quite popular, especially in the hotel industry. At Tramstop 14, we always put our guests’ safety and security on top of our priority. We are geared towards maintaining the highest possible standard in terms of risk management.

Book a Comfortable Stay at Tramstop 14! 

Whether you want to take a long break and take a dip at the best places to visit in Melbourne or you need a stop-over for one night, Tramstop 14 caters to your specialised needs and requirements. 

With over 7 years of experience in the business, we strive to continue providing quality service and accommodation to our valued guests. At our nomads backpackers hostel, you will experience a fulfilling stay like no other.

Get in touch with our hostel management and start your journey today!



151-153 Brunswick Street

Fitzroy VIC 3065

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