Top Reasons to Stay in a Backpacker’s Hostel in Melbourne

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Are you planning a trip to Melbourne with your family and friends? You need to find a group accommodation in Melbourne where you and your fellow travellers can stay.

If you are looking for a bigger space for the whole family, choosing to stay in a backpacker’s hostel is a great choice. Hostels are their own little communities. They come with more benefits than traditional hotels and family apartments.

Whether you are a newbie backpacker planning your first trip or an experienced traveller looking for another adventure, hostels will provide you with a unique and worth remembering travel experience. Here are the top reasons why you should book a backpacker hostel for your next trip to Melbourne.

  • You can meet a lot of people from around the world.

One of the advantages of staying in an affordable backpacker hostel is the abundance

of opportunities to meet people from various parts of the world. Usually, hostels have

lounges or hangout areas where people can easily strike up a conversation with other


If you are a solo traveller staying in a hostel, you are bound to meet someone who will

invite you to grab dinner together or explore the city in a last-minute group of


  • You can save more money.

It is a fact that hostels are a budget-friendly accommodation option. Essentially, the

more beds there are in a room, the cheaper the price you have to pay for your space.

Since hostels come in many rooms of various sizes, you can choose how much you

want to spend on your accommodation.

If you want to travel on a shoestring budget, select the biggest dorm room. If you want

a little luxury while taking advantage of all the other hostel perks, choose a private


  • You can offer a service in exchange for accommodation.

For some hotel backpackers in Melbourne, it is possible to work for your

accommodation. You can stay in a room for free or at a discounted rate in exchange

for hours of work. The jobs you can do include receptionist, bartender, and pub-crawl


Moreover, when you work at a backpacker hostel, you can stay in the city for longer

and meet more people while saving your money. It is important to take into account

that not all hostels offer this work/stay option. However, there are plenty of options to

choose from that offer a work exchange program.

  • You can stay in the best locations.

Hostels are often located in the best budget-friendly tourist areas, which means you

can easily find the best cheap restaurants, bars, art installations and galleries, and

more. By walking around, you can already see and visit major tourist attractions.

  • You have access to a kitchen.

Hostels often have a shared kitchen that allows travellers to cook food. At the very

least, you can usually access or use a kettle and a microwave. Some kitchens are fully

equipped while others may require you to be more imaginative and creative. The good

news is that you can make a coffee and prepare a snack without having to go out to

buy them every single day.

  • You will feel like you belong in a community.

Spending your holiday in a hostel can make you a part of the hostel community. People

who were strangers at the beginning of their stay can become close friends who travel

with each other for days or weeks. Some hostels even organise activities, including

movie nights and cooking lessons.

Sometimes, they offer shared meals, especially on important holidays. Also, you can

get to know the staff, the area, and the locals, and feel like you are part of something


What’s Next?

A hostel is more than just a group accommodation in Melbourne. You can meet new people, save some dough, and reduce your impact on the planet.

If you are searching for an affordable backpacker in Melbourne, look no further than Tramstop 14! When you stay at our hostel, you will be enriching your travel experience without breaking your bank. Call us today for reservations!



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